Here is a recording of the webinar from Tuesday, June 20:

Here are the presentation slides from Sunday, June 11 and Tuesday, June 20:

All the important stuff you need for the BSA National Jamboree 2023 if you are going with the Greater Colorado Council contingent.


By now, you’ve heard us say several times that a smartphone is recommended for scouts at Jamboree. It helps us communicate with your scout, find people who are missing, and there is a National Jambo app that provides useful information. Plus your scout can send you photos during their trip so you can see what a great experience they’re having.

How will your scout charge his/her phone at Jamboree? The easiest way to keep this charged is with a Solar Panel/Battery combo device. There are many to choose from. Here are 2 options that come recommended from our leaders:

You can also just get portable solar panels and use a separate battery. This is less convenient but if you already have a portable battery, you might consider one of these:

We used portable solar chargers at Jamboree in 2017 and they worked well. You can  attach it to your backpack and let it charge all day in the sun. This is an optional piece of gear, but we do recommend it.


There are many Jamboree items for sale on the BSA Scout Shop. In fact, BSA keeps adding new items every week.

There are TWO inexpensive items we highly recommend buying in advance because they are very popular and always sell out. Many people consider them nearly essential (like me) to complete your Jamboree uniform shirt before you go to Jamboree:

  • Jamboree 2023 Shoulder loops now available on the online Scout Shop. These are unique loops for the shoulder epaulets on your BSA uniform shirt that you can wear forever.
  • Jamboree 2023 World Crest Ring now available on the online Scout Shop or at our local GCC Scout Shop. This ring is worn around the purple world crest patch on your uniform. It’s a great, unique addition to your uniform, and again, you can wear it forever. UPDATE 6/11: the online Scout Shop is currently sold out of this item, but you may still be able to get it at the local GCC scout shop on 6th Ave. 

Other items to consider (optional):

Don’t purchase these items (we will be providing them as part of the contingent):

  • Name tags
  • Unit numbers


You’ll be sleeping in a brand new Coleman Skydome tent at Jamboree. These tents normally hold 4 people, but at Jamboree it will be 2 scouts per tent to accommodate for cots and gear. These are nice big tents!

If you’d like to keep your tent (after Jamboree) for future camping trips, the cost is $50. It’s a good deal — this is about half of the best sale price directly from Coleman. If you buy this tent from other retailers, they are about $160 each.

Tents are available on a first come, first served basis — so if you want one, pre-order it now. You can buy more than one tent if you like. Please note: if you sign up to purchase a tent, the Greater Colorado Council will send you an invoice now (before Jamboree).

Go here to pre-purchase Jamboree tents



It’s going to be great!